New Year message from the DRSF Principal’s Desk

New Year 2020

Dear Educator!

I wish you a happy New Year-2020.

21st-century students come to school with a completely different set of experiences and expectations than their 20th-century counterparts. These tech-savvy students navigate everyday life from a different perspective. The teachers too fight their own sets of challenges. They are evaluated based on student achievement, supporting the belief that highly qualified teachers also need to be highly effective.

Industrial Revolution:

During the Industrial Revolution, human hands were replaced by machines, and today the human intellect is seemingly getting replaced by technology. Undoubtedly, the role of technology in the transformation is critical and valuable in creating learning environments that support teacher efficacy, productivity, and professional practice.

As educators we must realize that the technological revolution and media-saturated society have brought in a new paradigm into our education; therefore, it is imperative to re-define the concept of education and re-visit our education system, curriculum and pedagogical & assessment practices.

Dr Rizvi Group of Institutions: B.Tech college in Allahabad

Technological Advancement:

Above that, in this age of technological explosion, the education system faces the ever-increasing challenge of providing skills to help build lives that have meaning and purpose in the future we can scarcely predict. We need to prepare children for the world of work and to enable them to live constructively in a tolerant, culturally diverse and rapidly changing society.

We do not owe the mere responsibility to provide high standards of academic qualifications, including literacy and innumeracy but also of inculcating skills such as creativity, communication, empathy, adaptability, and social skills, all of which are being increasingly emphasized by employers and others in the global society.

It is on our education system and processes that how carefully we balance the integration of values and the use of technology.

We want to assure that students nurture the joy that comes with learning: Dharmendra Pandey, Principal Dr. Rizvi Springfield School in Kaushambi

At DRSFS it will be my continuous endeavor to keep open to technical know-how and digitalization to stay connected to these young multi-tasking digital citizens, relate to them, motivate them, and to ensure that their precious years of schooling are optimally used for developing skills, attitudes, and values essential for effective living and working.

Dharmendra Pandey
Dr. Rizvi springfield school

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